"We Aspire to Inspire before we Expire"



KESYDO desires to Partner with you, environment management agencies, donors and interested stakeholders to develop a system where all youths and women will have an equal opportunity to a clean healthy, secure and sustainably managed environment for all, through Planting trees, Creating awareness on eradication of plastic bags and its importance to the environment, cleaning drainage in slums, discouraging charcoal use, advocating against global warming and encourage use of renewable/ green energy, and environmental transformation through the available resources as well as soliciting funds to realize the organization's objectives in the 47 counties of kenya. KESYDO is currently in discussion with National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) for possible national wide partnership in areas below;

1) Create Synergy in Management of the environment through advocacy and awareness forums and trainings.

2) ICT - Development of Youth Friendly centers in mentioned counties with environmental focused messaging to empower young people and women

3) Support NEMA in ensuring compliance with environmental legislation and policies in order to maintain a clean, healthy and sustainable environment through advocacy and awareness e.g. eradication of plastic bags usage and encouraging green energy usage.

4) Health and environment - Address developing issues on health due to environment mismanagement e.g. address issues influencing global warming and Use of Clean energy.

5) Contingency Planning – mobilization of resources for mitigating drought, disaster preparedness and creating resilience among Arid and semi-Arid populations.

6) To participate in partnership with NEMA in building and nurturing strategic partnerships, aimed at enhancing sustainable management of environment.