"We Aspire to Inspire before we Expire"

Where we work

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We are pleased to invite you to our newly opened KESYDO youth Information and training resource center in Kisumu. The centre is located at Kachoki Chief’s Camp, Along Kisumu Nairobi road, opposite Nakumatt Mega Kisumu. The centre and is an avenue for youth empowerment through ICT. The Center seeks to increase job opportunities and reduction of unemployment rates, building employment-related capacities of youth, promotion of children’s rights awareness, learning through sports, arts, IT, nutrition and health, and entertaining children and youth through a friendly and interactive atmosphere in the center.


Youth from various slums in the country will receive training as leaders in the sectors of Arts, Sports, Nutrition/Agriculture, Information Technology, and Health and will become advocates for peer-to-peer and youth-to-child youth mentors. The Center provides young people from marginalized environments strategies and initiatives to young people to become leaders in creating sustainable social, environmental and economic impact worldwide. The youth will be provided access to initiatives to engage them through ICT interactions , social and virtual networking, and facilitate support structures to create development impact for themselves and for others. Our major beneficiaries of the centers training and capacity building include domestic workers, youths affected and infected with HIV/AIDS, school dropouts, touts (makanga), street children and destitutes, young mothers and widows drawn from various slums all over Nairobi County in Kenya. Resource Center Objectives

• To disseminate information to the youth especially in areas of health, e-governance, environment, agriculture etc

• To support business activities in both urban and rural communities by providing market information and extension services

• To promote sustainable ICT education targeted at youth to increase employment opportunities and access to training

• To promote youth accessibility to ICT equipment and materials

• To promote the operation of internet activity as a potential area for entrepreneurship development among youth for information and communication

• Complement the Kenya ICT board Digital village program (Pasha centers)


Kenya Slum youth Development Organization (KESYDO) – KISUMU COUNTY YOUTH FRIENDLY CENTRE

Physical address; Kisumu City,

Inside Kachoki Chief’s Camp Opposite Nakumattt Mega City, along Kisumu – Nairobi Road,

Address: P.O. Box 7934 – 40100,

Kisumu Phones: +254 792 790063



Working hours: 8.00am to 5Pm, Monday to Saturday

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what we stand for

To transform the living conditions of the young people and Women who live in slums and marginalized areas in Kenya by facilitating Capacity building and Training, Dialogue, advocacy, entrepreneurship support, civic education, Human rights advocacy and partnerships for Healthcare, education, Information Technology and environmental conservation and governance.

To inspire hope among marginalized Youths and Women living in urban Slums and rural Kenya CORE VALUES:  Integrity and accountability.

 Teamwork and professionalism

 Creativity and Innovation

 Empowerment

 Commitment to success

 Diversity and growth  Partnership